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Dave Scadden Corona Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

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The Corona board takes inflatable stand up paddleboarding to other worldly levels.  It's long sleek running line allows it to skate across the surface with surprising speed yet its stable enough to throw the most technical yoga moves.  

The fully rockered hull design combined with a rigid multi laminate deck excels on still water, whitewater, and ocean waves alike.  The new Corona is ready for a day on the water with its strategically placed D rings to keep your gear secure and safe.  

The new Corona is one of the most verstile inflatable boards on the market that will take your skills to a whole new level and do it with unmatched performance and style.  There is now question the new Corona Del Mar lives up to it's name King of the Sea!

Package Includes: 1 Adjustable Paddle, 1 Double Action Hand Pump, and 1 Pack Bag.


Length:  10'8"

Width:  33"

Depth:  4"

Weigth:  26 lbs


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