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Dave Scadden Punisher Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

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The Punisher board hits the water with an attitude.  It's fully rockered multi laminate rigid hull design combined with a 6 inch thick deck allows your to do things on the water that you have only dreamed of in the past.  There is no question the Punisher is the hardcore rider's choice with a class V whitewater rating and enough capacity for the toughest paddlers.  It is in a realm all by itself.  Its technically advanced design makes it the perfect choice for paddling flat water, rivers, and ocean waves with confidence.  It is stable enough for tandem paddling yet sleek and agile enough to maneuver tight sections of white water.  When you show up with a Punisher you make a statement.  When you turn it loose on the water your statement becomes an exclamation mark!  There is only one Punisher !

Includes: 1 Adjustable Paddle, 1 Double Action Hand Pump, and 1 Pack Bag.


Length:  10'8"

Width:  33"

Depth: 6"

Weight:  28 lbs 

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